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Saw Machine Questions

What is the recommended RPM on your machines?

The RPM speed depends on the type of blade you are using and its max RPM. Remember to never exceed the max RPM of your blade.

What happens if my machine overheats?

Overheating is owner abuse. All of our saw housing is made out of unbreakable, rust-free cross-linked polyethylene. If your machine overheats, the housing can start to melt. To prevent this from happening, always remember to take time off to cool your machine. 30 minutes on, 30 minutes off to cool.

There is excessive water spraying from the blade. Why is this?

If there is excessive water spraying from the blade while you are cutting, this means you have too much water in the reservoir. Make sure to fill the reservoir with just enough water so the bottom of the blade is sitting in it, about 1/8" deep.

My blades keep rusting, what can I do to prevent this?

When you're done using your saw machine, don't leave your sawblade sitting in the water reservoir, as rusting can occur. To prevent your sawblades from rusting, simply remove them from your saw machine when you're done using them and dry them off with a towel. Keep away from children.

What are the differences between your sawblades?

Hi-Tech Diamond offers two different styles of blades, notched diamond rim blades and sintered diamond blades. Our notched rim blades have premium diamond grit pressed into the edge of a solid steel core. We carry both silver and green notched rim diamond sawblades. Our sintered diamond blades are longer lasting than our notched blades. Diamonds are secured (sintered) into a metal bond that extends the full depth of the rim. The diamonds continuously get exposed as the edge of the blade wears away, thus giving you a clean cut with repetitive use. We carry both red and black sintered diamond sawblades.

    Some "Helpful Hints" regarding our Trim Saw machines:

  • Never operate your trim saw machine without goggles or other protective eye equipment
  • Always keep your trim saw machine and sawblades out of the reach of children
  • Never operate your trim saw if you are tired, be sure to stay vigilant and alert while sawing
  • Always operate your trim saw with water, as inhaling the dust from the rocks can impair your lungs


Saw Questions


Saw Questions





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