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Apache Tears Tumbling Instrcutions

Apache tears instructions

A little history about apache tears

How to Use Apache Tears Energy Apache tears are said to have originated when the tears of grieving Apache women fell and froze after a battle with great loss of life. It is said that anyone who carries Apache tears will never weep, for enough crying has already been done by the Apache women

PLEASE NOTE – Amounts of grit and sugar will vary depending on the size of your tumbler (see table below). In this recipe you will use equal amounts of sugar to grit. Amount of time is based on using a rotary tumbler. Check your barrel daily and burp it, otherwise it may explode (we found out the hard way…)

Step 1 – 12 days duration in 80 grit and sugar Step 2 – 12 days duration in 220 grit and sugar Step 3 – 15 days duration in 600 grit and sugar Step 4 – 15 days in cerium oxide and sugar Step 5 – about a day in soap, we highly recommend using shavings of ivory soap. A good option to consider is running your rocks in a soap stage for about a day between each step, this can help make sure there is no cross contamination. This is a good idea for any rock you may be tumbling.




Apache Tears Tumbling Instructions





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