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Polishing Questions

What is the difference between the Tech-10 Polish Pad and the Final Polish Pad?

The Tech-10 Polish Pad NEEDS to be charged before use. Charge this pad with cerium oxide, tin oxide or diamond compound. The Final Polish Pad comes PRE-CHARGED, meaning you don't have to charge it with a polishing compound. The Final Polish Pad was designed to eliminate having to mess with pastes. Both result in a final mirror polish on gemstones.

Should I use water with my polish pads?

This is a preference, but we recommend using a little bit of water with your polishing pads. Both of the Tech-10 Polish Pads and Final Polish Pads don't require water but we recommend using a few drops. Make sure the water is clean if you are using water. Also note that if you are using water with your pads, your polishing time will increase slightly.

Here's why we recommend water. Depending on your material, your stone can get hot extremely fast without the use of cold water because of the friction between your stone and polish pad. Your fingers may burn or if you are using a dop stick to hold your stone, the heat can melt the wax causing your stone to shift or possibly even fall off your dop stick. Your stone may even be in trouble if it gets too hot! So always remember, if you aren't using water, make sure your stone doesn't overheat while you are polishing.

How do you charge polish pads, such as the Tech-10 Polish Pad?

Simply take a small quantity of cerium oxide and mix it in with water to make a paste. Take this paste and spread it all over your polishing pad using your fingers. You can also use our diamond paste, which is pre-mixed and ready to use right out of the syringe. Now you're all set to start polishing your stones! Remember, use only one mesh per pad. Never mix two different meshes onto one pad or this can result in unwanted scratches on your stones.

What do you recommend for polishing glass?

Our lap machines come with 14,000 mesh diamond paste. This diamond paste works best on stones rather than glass but it can polish glass too.

We recommend using a cerium oxide to polish your glass. We have what are called Tech-10 Polish Pads that are meant to be used with cerium oxide for polishing. For people working with glass, this may give you the best results.


Polishing Questions


Polishing Questions





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